#SoIHaveAFriend: that has been going through her own mental health issues over time. Now that she feels she has a grasp on her energy recently, the mental health bug has bitten her boyfriend due to him being furloughed from his job; due to the Coronavirus. So she hit me up and asked me, “Hey JayCee, […]


#SoIHaveAFriend: that has mood swings that are out of this world. Her boyfriend hit me up to ask me if she has always been this way. Sometimes she’ll wake up sad and then she’s randomly happy. Then she’s easily irritated off the first wrong thing that happens or seems to be an inconvience. So I […]

Sunday March 31st, the African-American community lost another black king to senseless gun violence. Nipsey Hussle was only 33 years old when he was shot and killed in front of his LA clothing store. Now we morn the lost of another young black man, who was a positive influence in his community. Time after time […]

‪#‎10OclockTopic‬: What is a dating deal breaker? Call 410-481-9292 or leave your comments here. ‪#‎YouSayWhat‬ silentassassinda6 Jacked up feet! odellburtonjr When a woman constantly talking about her past and what “they” did to her. A lot of us are dealing with hearts we didn’t break,paying for someone else’s mistake. @justkikibrown itsme_mskaybee34Dishonesty of any kind @justkikibrown Melody […]

We all know the song “Drunk In Love” by Beyonce and JayZ by heart now, right? Well, someone took a magnifying glass and researched the lyrics and decided that Bey could have been a real life Tina Turner. The lyric when Jay-Z says “eat the cake Anna Mae..I said eat the cake Anna Mae” could […]

COMEDY ZONE WITH PORKCHOP !!! Hey Everybody it’s that time of day again. Its time for another one of Porkchop’s Media Clip of the Day. * Some language may not be suitable for minors under 18 years old. Parental Discretion is advised All Because Of He Said She Said !!! That’s a Damn Shame SHARKEISHA

This week, one of the producers of E! Entertainment Television‘s hit reality TV show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” swore under oath in court that Kim Kardashian has staged scenes on the show in order to defame her ex, Kris Humphries.  This same producer also claims that Kim demanded that Kris’ “surprise” wedding proposal to […]

We are talking about POTUS on this President’s Day. Today’s Breakfast Bite Question…. Do you think the President has been doing enough for minorities in inner cities like Baltimore, the youth and the drug epidemic? Here’s what some some of my friends on IG had  to say… …And this video segment below is about Baltimore […]

This was definitely one of my fav songs of the year.   I don’t know if you can tell but I am a fan.   So what was your song in 2012? Check out what my friends on Instagram had to say…

The blogs lit up when Serena Williams’ brick house body became the “butt” of a nasty joke. During an exhibition match in San Paolo, Serena’s so-called friend and tennis associate, Caroline Wozniacki, stuffed her bra and shorts and pranced around mid-court imitating Serena. Serena was not in attendance.  Watch the video below and vote.

According to ESPN: The Baltimore Ravens dismissed offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and replaced him with quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. Cameron’s dismissal comes after the Ravens’ overtime loss to the Washington Football Team on Sunday, their second straight defeat. After scoring 21 points in the first half […]

Social Networks….we have so many options and changed our way of life. This morning’s BREAKFAST BITE question…. Which Social Network to you prefer? And Why? Here’s what some of my friends had to say…. @MasonMiAmor on Twitter said —> @TweetAcruz IG all day and Tweeter those are the only one’s I find myself on all […]