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61st Annual Grammy Awards - Arrivals

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Sunday March 31st, the African-American community lost another black king to senseless gun violence. Nipsey Hussle was only 33 years old when he was shot and killed in front of his LA clothing store. Now we morn the lost of another young black man, who was a positive influence in his community. Time after time our Kings are taken from us way before their time, leaving many of our young people void of hope and confused to why our leaders are always taken from us.

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It’s frustrating being black sometimes. You don’t know whether to look up to some of your leaders, or be fearful they might be killed. You also hesitate to be a leader yourself because you don’t know if someone will one day take your life. I’m writing this because I feel those same pains as well. Why would I want to be Martin Luther King when he suffered such a horrible fate? Why would I want to emulate Tupac Shakoor when his murder still hasn’t been solved? The stories of our black leaders being killed is something that is ingrained into our history. Our post traumatic stress from seeing some of our greatest hero’s, bloody filled with bullet holes, runs deeper than most cultures can even fathom. But I’m here to tell you to stay strong.

Don’t be afraid black man, because that’s what they want you to be. Still be a shining pillar in your community, because that’s what King wanted you to be. Continue to shed your lights on the truth because that’s what Nipsey wanted you to do. Yes, sometimes it feels like we are the most targeted people on the planet, but know that someone who looks just like you will pick up the mantle when you’re gone and one day we will be free of this feeling of fear in just wanting better for our people.  Don’t be afraid to be a king black man, because we need you now more than ever.

R.I.P Nipsey

61st Annual Grammy Awards - Arrivals

Source: David Crotty / Getty

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