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This was taking things way too far. If her husband had any sense he should leave her and let her get plumbed by the plumber. Some of the footage in this video may be offensive to some viewers. Please watch with caution.   source 

Is it rumor or fact…..sources are saying the 2 are really getting married. It must be love because I must say I didn’t know how it would turn out after the Drake and Meek show down. I wish them the best and will wait to see how it all turns out. click here for full […]

Wow the beef continues Drake goes at Meek Mill again after aggressive fans start chanting F$$k Meek Mill and he responds ‘He’s Already Dead.” Will this bring a response from Meek I am waiting to see how it plays out.           Catch me on the radio live and all social media […]

  So it seems Mr Steal Your Girl “Trey Songz” may have had his girl stolen by rapper Dflores. I tell you instagram and social media will get you into so much irrelevant beef and nonsense, but anyway again here we go RnB verses Hip Hop over maybe ego or maybe a female. Either way […]

  This is amazing footage. Coming off the record breaking premiere of “Straight Outta Compton” talks tweets and photos are already popping up about part2. If its anywhere as good is part1 this will definitely be another blockbuster sellout.           click here for full story           Catch […]

    Wow  I don’t know how to take this one. Is Rick Ross pointing out the truth or is he taking smoke shots at Meek Mill. Seems as if Meek cant catch a break right now. I am curious to see where this one goes.     click here for full story     […]

  So in the midst of all the drama between Drake and Meek Nicki throws a shot in the air hinting she is preggo… it real or a stunt to take the focus off of everything else…stay tuned……….   click here for full story         Catch me on the radio live or […]

  So it seems beef is cooking every where fro the grill to the streets. Why these 2 have beef or should I say why they are even at odds is beyond me Future is too big a artist to be involved in anything negative but I understand.           click here […]

This Lil girl went in on her alledged “DeadBeat Dad’. You gotta watch this she is serious bout how she fell but otherwise beautiful person to be around.       Follow me on Instagram/facebook/twitter @lilblacktheceo        

Seems the Kardashians are really going all in with there taste in men and living on the wild side. you will never guess who Khloe is dating but I hope if its true she is careful.   click for full story       Follow me on twitter/instagram/facebook @lilblacktheceo      

Seems a pic is floating around of Machine-gun Kelly and Amber Rose holding hands. Is it disrespectful to Wiz ummmmmm only depending on the nature of him and Kelly’s relationship. I am really waiting to see how this turns out.     click here for full story     Catch me live on the radio […]

#10OclockTopic: Should the person recording a shooting, assault or any type of crime be held responsible also because they did nothing to prevent the crime from happening? #YouSayWhat??? The Today Show sat down with bystander Feidin Santana days after witnessing a North Charleston, South Carolina police officer gun down 50 year old, unarmed black man […]