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Please honey forgive me, I have made a mistake!

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#SoIHaveAFriend: that has mood swings that are out of this world. Her boyfriend hit me up to ask me if she has always been this way. Sometimes she’ll wake up sad and then she’s randomly happy. Then she’s easily irritated off the first wrong thing that happens or seems to be an inconvience. So I need your help. His question to me was, “JayCee, if she’s having a bad day, should I let her be alone and give her time to cool off or do I try to spend time to show my appreciation and show her that I really wanna make her feel better?”

Personallly, I did not know to answer this question. She has always been this way. However, I do believe it’s something deeper and that when she’s willing to share with him she will.

Let me know your thoughts and/or suggestions in the comments section below, and I’ll check in with you later!