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We all know the song “Drunk In Love” by Beyonce and JayZ by heart now, right? Well, someone took a magnifying glass and researched the lyrics and decided that Bey could have been a real life Tina Turner. The lyric when Jay-Z says “eat the cake Anna Mae..I said eat the cake Anna Mae” could mean that Beyonce may have been in an abusive relationship. Now, I ‘m not sure if this is true or not, but this person seems to be confident in her findings.

See for yourself: Huffington Post, written by F. Waters, 2013

How do you go from “Since I’m not your everything, how about I’ll be nothing?” to having your husband, Jay Z, on your video from your new album saying “I am Ike Turner, Eat the cake Anna Mae” — a line from a movie that clearly illustrates one of the most vicious wife beaters who almost killed another amazing icon, Tina Turner. It’s like in one stroke she undermined Tina Turner’s march toward victory and mocked it saying that kind of domestic violence is alright.

My God, it’s as if she turned back the clock 50 years in one moment.


As a matter of fact, domestic violence and/or abuse is not a joking matter. If you or someone you know if being abused, please seek help. Call 410 889 7884 for more information and assistance. Or contact the House of Ruth Maryland.

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