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Amber Rose is getting a big check to hit the road and share her wisdom on all things sex and love.

This little situationship between French Montana and Iggy Azalea must be getting pretty serious. So serious to the point that French Montana put a ring on it. Iggy Azalea showed her the 7 diamond rings that French Montana gave her. Do you think this situationship could turn into a real relationship??? Want news at […]

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Have you ever been in a swinger lifestyle relationship? If so how was your experience? If not would you consider it? Brian Smalls Naw…not my style lol whthershey209 @drejohnson1 I can be the jealous type too. However for u i could reconsider 😜😎. 😂😂 blacklivesmatter_scorpion I sooo! agree with that last female caller In embrace […]

If someone caught you pleasuring yourself, what would you do? Cristal Lee Depends on who….My Boo….Say join in…..Anyone else be embarrassed Mariyah Nnamani How the hell would someone catch me?? I’m going to be in my room so I won’t be hiding. Chunk Robert Scott Finish what you started lol Dwayne Torain Definitely gotta just […]

Over the weekend, the buzz about Oprah Winfrey’s wedding to longtime beau, Steadman, was spreading like wildfire. Unfortunately the buzz was NOT true. Auntie O took time to address the rumors on Twitter. So just in case you had purchased a wedding gift, you definitely can send it back. Oprah said not just yet! ALSO […]

Rob Kardashian has been winning in 2016, but it's very rare to hear his side of things.

This is a very touching story. FIrst off because this man had money to catch a flight but for what ever reason decided to ride a bike from New York to Florida to see his mother. What would of happened if he caught a flat tire lol. ALSO TRENDING:  Future Calls Diddy An “Old Ass […]

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Do you think it’s ok to sleep with a co-worker? Why or why not? genuinenikki NO because it will make the atmosphere at work awkward maat_qandisa Just don’t go for the boss.. once your on bad terms kiss the job goodbye brittgotthis__ Yes I have its nothing wrong wit it as long as y’all professional […]