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Beef stew

Source: Sally Anscombe / Getty

We in America waste more food than any other country in the world. The food waste is out of control, so we have a solution for you to preserve food longer and not waste it. The bottomline is that we can eat leftovers by saving them in the freezer. Don’t throw your food away!

Though the science involved still seems vaguely space-age, freeze drying has actually been practiced for thousands of years. The Peruvian Inca are the primary example, as they relied on the strong winds and chilly alpine conditions of the Andes to freeze dry their potato crops and keep them preserved for decades at a time.

Freeze drying didn’t move out from the natural world until 1905 when the first machine capable of it was invented. Its initial purpose was purely medical, as World War II doctors relied on freeze-dried medical products like organ tissue and blood plasma to supplement overseas soldiers.

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