On the next episode of, “Lawd, WHY?” Bow Wow has decided that if he is gonna retire he’s going out with one more album full of names. On the latest episode of Growing Up Hip-Hop Atlanta, Megastar Bow Wow real name, Shad Moss, has decided to do final album outing former women that he has […]


#SoIHaveAFriend: He’s a very outgoing individual and loves to chill with friends and the person he may be dating at the time. He’s currently single mainly because he’s unhappy with the selection of women he’s been attracting. He’s able to deal with the late work hours and the going out with girlfriends thing. Those insecurities […]


#SoIHaveAFriend: My home girl recently received a promotion on her job! Major Congrats Right? I would think so too. However, recently her now fiance (congrats to them) has been acting differently ever since he found out about her increased salary that came with the promotion. He now makes less money than she does, when at […]


#SoIHaveAFriend: That is dating this guy who doesn’t believe that energy is transferable. She personally has attended personal therapy to understand how to deal with her conversational topics of choice, delivery in conversation and most importantly protecting her energy! Since then her personal growth in being vocal has increased but so has their arguments? So […]

#SoIHaveAFriend: that has received so news that we all wish to receive one day. She has officially been offered her dream job position at her dream job. Now this is a Fortune 500 company great benefits and the salary is bomb of course. However, with all this great news there is a catch of course. […]

It’s no secret that R&B superstar, Usher, has been in the media for the last couple of weeks, but not for any music that he’s promoting. Instead, his name has been tied to allegedly giving at least four people Herpes. While one of the accusers have spoke out about the incident, Ursh has remained silent. […]

A young man is claiming to be in a secret relationship with Kodak Black and has a picture to prove it.

And just like that, she’s gone again. Filming had already begun for the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. While there has been no concrete confirmations of who was returning for the next season, it is clear that at this time Nene Leakes will not be there. This morning TMZ tried to say that […]

Before the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta kicks off, things are already heating up for the ladies. Jami Ziegler has filed an arrest warrant application for Porsha Williams in Fulton County Georgia. Ziegler claims that Porsha attacked her during the season finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta during Phaedra’s Christmas Party. If the […]

  This girl is a true freak man. Its incredible to see how Amber Rose got famous off being an extremely sexual person. Hint to all the thots out here. source  Some of the language in this video may be offensive to some viewers please watch with caution.

Rapper, producer and actor Method Man is no stranger to dealing with tabloid drama. He hung out with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show in-studio and talked about how gossip & tabloid media can be too messy. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, he hilariously talks about code-switching, and how he goes about watching his back knowing that “tactless” tabloid media is […]

According to Gary With Da Tea, Beyonce and Jay-Z have been quietly going through the wringer! He explains all the clues and more information on their situation when…