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Worried black businesswoman at desk

Source: Elena Elisseeva / Getty

#SoIHaveAFriend: that has received so news that we all wish to receive one day. She has officially been offered her dream job position at her dream job. Now this is a Fortune 500 company great benefits and the salary is bomb of course. However, with all this great news there is a catch of course. She has to relocate herself from North Carolina to Dallas, TX and that decision would affect her and her a significant other’s relationship.

They have been together for roughly 3 years. She loves him and he treats her well however, he has been giving resistance and push back to moving, trying long distance or anything for that matter. So, if this was you would you, support them and move with them, try long distance or simply call it off?

I need your help, let me know your suggestions below in the comments section