Via Fox Baltimore Today Florida Judge Kenneth Lester will make the decision of whether to release George Zimmerman on bond or have him remain in jail. Zimmerman had his $150 thousand bail revoked after prosecutors learned of he and his wife’s false statements about how much money they had raised prior to the April bond hearing. Zimmerman is a self proclaimed neighborhoods watchman […]

Police are looking for Dennis Rodman. He’s wanted for backed child support – $180,000 worth. In the state of Florida, where he owes, you get locked up for that! If he doesn’t have the $5G’s to post bail, he will be sitting in jail for a while. By the way, he already owes $800,000 in […]

George Zimmerman walked out of Seminole County jail just after midnight (April 23rd) after posting a $150,000 bail. He put down $15,000 to be released and headed off in a white BMW. He has to adhere to an evening curfew, had to turn in his passport and is not allowed to possess a gun. However, […]

Via: Foxbaltimore.com Florida Gov. Rick Scott has signed a bill inspired by 2-year-old Caylee Anthony’s death. The law increases the maximum penalty from a year in jail to five years in prison for knowingly making a false statement to police about a missing child. To read more click here

Via: Foxbaltimore.com Oneal Ron Morris sent a written plea of not guilty to a Broward County judge on Thursday. She faces unlicensed practice of medicine and related charges in Broward County. Morris, who police say was born a man and identifies as a woman, was arrested in November on similar charges in Miami-Dade County. Her […]

Monday April 9th there will be a free bus, leaving from Baltimore to Florida to visit the courthouse, where the Trayvon Martin case is being held. The grand jury for the case will be meeting the next day Tuesday April 10th. For more information email community activist Rodney Burris, at rodneyburris@mail.com.

There’s been a lot of talk on what should happen to the suspect in the Trayvon Martin case. The 17 year-old had been visiting his father when a self-appointed neighborhood watch thought him to be suspicious. George Zimmerman radioed officials and was told to not take action, but he followed the young boy for blocks […]

The death of 26 year-old Florida A&M University drum major, Robert Champion, is ruled a homicide after the medical examiner’s office determined he died within one hour of receiving multiple blunt-force trauma blows to his body during a hazing incident. Florida governor Rick Scott wants the president of the University to be suspended as an […]

Nicki Minaj breathed life to David Guetta’s “Where Them Girls At” with her animated and infectious flow. Bubbles flow through speakers and follow Nicki through a crowded club which causes females to burst out into dance! Flo Rida let’s his swag hang loose by the pool! Mary J. Blige ft. Nicki Minaj “Feel Inside” [NEW […]

Who is at fault for this unexpected turn of events?