Here's a tip on how to burn fat.

These are people that you don’t see everyday and you wouldn’t think they are even real. The lady with the widest hips is just crazy.  The dirtiest man in the world really looks bad so this is something you have to see.  You never know what other people are dealing with.   See More: 8 […]

Who looks better naked … skinny or curvy girls? I have always got compliments either way for years I was a skinny curvy girl, now that I’m older I have a little more curves. Never had any complaints. I’ve seen some tall thin women look real hot Curvy. No one want chicken wings. Skinny girls because […]

We’ve all heard the line, “I’m not fat, I’m just big boned.” But is there really such a thing as having big bones? Listen to…

The LaDawn Black Show asked listeners if they were #TeamDerek or #TeamBoris when it comes to weight gain in marriage. In a recent interview, both actors were asked if weight gain was a deal-breaker? Boris said yes and Derek said that commitment was more important to him than weight.  Check out a few listener comments: […]

We commend Amber Rose for leaving the house when most new celebrities mommies are still in hiding! Recently Amber and her mom indulged on a shopping trip for the baby and gave photographers and eyeful!  She is definitely embracing everything that Mommyhood brings with Baby Bash and Daddy Wiz.  Just weeks later, Amber shows off a […]

We had a heated conversation off the air at the station about the difference between a woman being “thick” and being “fat.” There was no clear definition to settle our argument, so I decided to go to the web to see what others thought. Here are a few responses posted on Yahoo Answers. Thick vs. […]

Via Fox  Howard County’s Executive says that its time to do away with sugary drinks. Ken Ulman banned the sale of sugary drinks from county property. This ban is an effort to lower childhood obesity as most Howard County residents are obese. Read More.  WHAT IS THE FUTURE FOR ICE-T AND COCO? Stop The […]

A dating website for plus-sized women called wants Christina Aguilera as their spokesperson. REALLY?? She was offered a $3 million contract and has yet to respond. I am well aware that Christina is not as fit or petite as she was before she became a mom, but is Christina Aguilera really PLUS-SIZE?? Check out […]