We had a heated conversation off the air at the station about the difference between a woman being “thick” and being “fat.” There was no clear definition to settle our argument, so I decided to go to the web to see what others thought. Here are a few responses posted on Yahoo Answers.

Thick vs. Fat

“Some women are tall and big-boned, meaning that they have big bones and a large frame, but they still have a curvy figure (i.e. Queen Latifah, the Williams sisters, Tyra Banks).  These women would be considered “thick”. 

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Other women are naturally more voluptuous and curvaceous, meaning that they naturally have larger breasts, a tiny waist, wider hips, and a rounder backside (i.e. Sanaa Latham, Alicia Keys, Beyonce).  These women would also be considered “thick”.


“Women who are rolly-polly, round, rotund, or downright fat (i.e. old Mo’nique) are NOT thick. “


“Thick is for example like Serena Williams. She is really buff in the legs, buttocks, and has big breasts with a small waistline. No one can deny that Serena is in optimum shape. Fat is like when a person is a round shape, flabby, double chins, wobbles when walking, and have a big stomach.”


“I consider a woman who appears a little bit chubby due to more muscle mass, to be thick. I consider a woman who appears overweight and has a great excess of flabby skin and too many camel toes, to be fat.”


“Thick is when a woman has big boobs, big ***, and a lil bigger legs. But the body is still toned. Fat is when you have that extra skin that hangs everywhere and that big gut and are untoned.”


“thick is sizes 12-18 I think personally it looks better on minorities..i think it would look good on white women but they have such a big issue with what size they are…im like boo there ain’t nothing wrong with having a booty…the perfect size to minority men is 5’5 135 pounds now, of course, you can be bigger just flat stomach bigggggg booty lmao and hips *** don’t mean nothing if you don’t have hips.”

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