The LaDawn Black Show asked listeners if they were #TeamDerek or #TeamBoris when it comes to weight gain in marriage. In a recent interview, both actors were asked if weight gain was a deal-breaker? Boris said yes and Derek said that commitment was more important to him than weight. 

Check out a few listener comments:

  • Boris sounds superficial. Maybe he should have a baby or two to see how that weight thing works
  • I’m team with whatever makes the couple happy! It’s not about weight! It’s about love, faith, and the support of one another.
  • team#boris its a no-no maybe not a deal breaker but its an issue that will be addressed!!!
  • You have to stay in that gym and keep it right.
  • Nothing in life is guaranteed except Boris leaving you if you gain too much weight! lol I hope he takes into consideration health issues, i.e., thyroid…IJS
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  • From 175 at the beginning of the marriage to 225 is forgivable.. But from 175 to 350 is just too much
  • TeamDerek cuz im sure aside from good looks, Boris has a few unforgiving flaws.
  • Derek … long as you are maintaining your appearance and not being sloppy
  • I rock w/ both sides.. on the boris side I agree that keeping the original size keeps the original feelings. However; on the Derek side.. if you love that person weight shouldnt be a factor cause gain or lose you not w that person for exterior beauty ijs

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