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The Rock was known for being one of the top Wrestlers in the game and know he is known for everything else. Like movies, Reality Shows, Fitness Guy and motivational speaker. He has put it all on the line and made it a success with staying focused on his fitness. Source: The Rock Workout Follow […]

The body is a incredible machine and you can change it at anytime you get ready but it will take work. You can change your mindset or you can change your body to build muscle or lean up and trim down. Staying in shape is another job but one you should want to do well. […]

We all don’t have time to run to the gym nor do we have equipment at home to use. I do most body weight workouts so I can workout anywhere I go. I try to make time for me everyday but it doesn’t always happen, so I can do small things at work and with […]

The best way to get rid of body fat is to work your large muscle groups. Your Back & legs are the two groups that will have you melt the fat away, so find out which workouts are best for you. You can switch them up and see what works for you. Create a regular […]

The best thing you can do for yourself is workout for the love of SELF! You can’t change anybody else but you can change yourself and how people view you. I have been a person that works hard on me when people are not watching, so I push my own limits. Source: Reduce Fat Follow […]

The ¬†month of January is over and you have RESOLUTIONS that you started off the New Year with. I hope that you are sticking to your plan and if you are not I want to help. Here are a few things that can help you.   Read More: Lose Weight NOW¬† Read More: Talk About […]