After being arrested earlier this week for suspicion of driving under the influence, video of Tiger Woods' traffic stop has finally been released.

Rickey Smiley, Juicy and Gary Wit Da Tea meet a drunk fan on the street. Rickey has the fan talk about when to watch the show, however you can’t make out what he’s saying. Rickey was happy to get the drunk fan involved in the video. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen to “The Rickey Smiley […]

Lamar was removed from a Delta flight Monday night after getting wasted in the airport lounge and vomiting on the plane.

In the latest installment of Paternity Test Tuesday, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show helps out a pair who hooked up behind the back of a man’s wife. In the midst of some rocky marriage territory, he ended up getting a bit too drunk and landing himself in the bed of another woman. Now, he need to know […]

A drunk woman who was mauled by a tiger after sneaking into an Omaha, Nebraska zoo last week may lose part of her hand.

#‎10OclockTopic‬: where was the craziest place you woke up drunk? ‪#‎YouSayWhat‬??? Here is what you had to say on social media: Shy♐️ ‏I woke up in the passenger seat of my car freezing in the middle of January. Projectboymel  didn’t wake up in a weird place but I woke up wit both shoes on but I […]

Earlier this year, Rihanna paid for her father, Ronald Fenty, to enter rehab for his alcoholism but he relapsed on the day of his famous daughter’s Diamond Ball. He showed up to the event drunk and was finally escorted out by security after he fell over in the ballroom. Get the full story and Ronald […]

Drunk Police Officer pulls over a drunk driver, but this has got to be the funniest video on the net. I couldn’t stop laughing when iiKane shared this video with me. I have watched it ten more times and I am still laughing. Who in the hell is policing the Police? The is to be […]

Baltimore Ravens Jacoby Jones, Bernard Pierce and Jimmy Smith were allegedly kicked out of Seacrets in Ocean City for being to drunk. According to TMZ, the trio was”cooperative and compliant” and the police were never called.  Check out the video by clicking here.       Follow me on IG & Twitter: @drejohnson1 and Facebook: DreJohnson

I had a good friend who is in local media tell me that the press should stay off of the Ray Rice story because it is domestic and not sports related. Tonight we debated on the show whether the media should/ should not be in a celebrity’s personal business. Is it fair game? Fair game and unfortunate […]

Rob Ford was standing firm by his anti-drinking mantra until a video surfaced of the Toronto mayor’s drunken encounter at a fast food restaurant.  He appeared heavily intoxicated and rambled in Jamaican Patois using phrases like “bumbaclot” and “rassclot.”  Does Mayor Ford have some connections that we know nothing about?? Obviously.  Watch the video below.