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I had a good friend who is in local media tell me that the press should stay off of the Ray Rice story because it is domestic and not sports related.

Tonight we debated on the show whether the media should/ should not be in a celebrity’s personal business. Is it fair game?

  • Fair game and unfortunate when it’s less than positive news.  They have a responsibility to the public but don’t forget they are human.
  • The only problem is that the media will have them seem  guilty before all the facts come out
  • Unfortunately it’s fair game, I have been a victim of domestic violence its always two sides to a story
  • Nope It’s all fair game when public figures have drama & drama sells
  • Fair game bc here’s the thing if he had been a regular dude who decided to upper cut his random fiancé and it’s caught on film, in the world we live in that’s a viral video. When u add celebrity to it of course ppl are going to want to discuss it. He is entitled to some privacy but he didn’t handle his business privately
  • I think everyone’s personal affairs should be their own, however that’s not reality. If I’m a celebrity, I should expect the press. You act accordingly to minimize the damage by not acting a fool in public.