The culture’s most pettiest Rap war rages on but Diddy is making sure we still celebrate the artistry. He recently gave flowers to Drake and Kanye West for their recent album offerings. As spotted on Hype Beast the mogul recently took time out of his day to congratulate both performers on their album releases. “I just want […]

Diddy continues to become even more vocal about the culture’s power. He recently denounced the Richard Mille brand and made it clear we can do better with our money. As spotted on Hype Beast the mogul made a lot of people’s jaws drop last week. During a dinner with his former record artist Shyne, the Bad […]

The Combs girls stole the show as they strutted their stuff down the runway at the high fashion event.

Shyne is no longer a Bad Boy and the United States has recognized the change. With the help of Diddy he has returned to America. As spotted on Vibe Magazine the Brooklyn, Native is finally back on American soil. This week he returned to the states for the first time in 10 years. According to the feature […]

We might have accidentally gotten the confirmation we needed that Diddy and Yung Miami are indeed dating.

Twitter has some reservations about Diddy starting a new R&B music label.

Many people on social media were ready to call bluff on Diddy's latest storytime via Instagram, which detailed how waking up as a child and finding 15 roaches on his face inspired his current lavish lifestyle of fresh mango slices, a backyard infinity pool & more than a few rounds of Ciroc.

Recently, Sean “Diddy” Combs took to Instagram and was praised for his upcoming business venture called #ShopCirculate. This was supposed to be a Black Business App to help small Black-Business owners become easier to find worldwide by those that would like to support Black-Owned businesses. We news hit this was coming especially from Diddy people […]

Sean "Diddy" Combs has been reportedly working on an R&B album for some time now, and it's set to even include a tribute song to late ex-girlfriend Kim Porter. 

"The Off-Season" was a humble journey of sound from J. Cole. He confirmed that 2013 altercation between him and Diddy actually happened.

If you don't know 50 Cent for much more than his slick takes on everyone else's business, you'll be floored to find that he had no jabs for Diddy last week.