To some of us, the holidays are a special time to be around family and friends. But to some it’s a time of sadness. I suffer from depression and anxiety, so to me I think about my mom and dad not being around anymore. Thank God for my loving wife to help me through these […]

Maryland Psychiatrist, Dr. Theodore Osuala answers questions about mental health and the stigma surrounding the conversation.

The joyful and beautiful Haitian-American Starlet Jennaske, aka Ske, is a hip-hop emcee, television personality, and choreographer from Queens, New York. Known for her brash lyrical freestyles and humorous banter on social media, Jennaske amassed a fanbase that spans over millions of adoring fans throughout the world. Raven Paris: I seen the interview and freestyle that you did on […]


Baltimore’s own Michael Phelps who has more Olympic Medals than anybody else in History is speaking up for others in the games. Michael Phelps said he wanted to die after going through post Olympic depression and wants something done about it for other Olympic Athletes. He said it gets bad and he simply wanted to […]

Katy Perry breaks down crying about her fight with depression during a therapy session Friday with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh. During the conversation Perry opened up her past struggles with family, love, alcohol abuse and suicidal thoughts, which was the inspiration behind her 2013 song “By the Grace of God.” The intense session was […]

After being at UCLA Medical Center for a little over a week, Kanye West is back home. According to sources, Ye was released to the care of his wife Kim and his doctor, Michael Farzam, and his home resting. The anniversary of Kanye’s mom, Donda West, death, is what is being said to have triggered […]

They say “Mary Jane” has mannnnny benefits. It’s been said to help with glaucoma, ease your mind, give you an appetite and for some, help them sleep. Could it help with paranoia and depression? According to Wiz Khalifa, it can. Out in LA, the paparazzi caught up with Wiz Khalifa and asked him what advice […]

After “sources” had reported that Kanye West was set to be released today from UCLA’s Medical Center, where he is receiving treatment for “depression and paranoia”, it has been announced that things have changed. According to TMZ, West will not be released today. He reportedly not stable and hasn’t recovered from last week’s breakdown. At […]

The same tactic that Drake used to body rappers like Meek Mill has backfired on him in a major way.

Kid Cudi just entered rehab for depression and suicidal thoughts. Here are other celebrities who have struggled with mental health issues.

Kid Cudi just entered rehab for depression and suicidal thoughts. Here are other celebrities who have struggled with mental health issues.

While most of the world was tuned into the BET Hip Hop Awards or the VP Presidential debate, Kid Cudi was seeking help. It seems that some of the recent outburst from Cudi could be stemming from his struggle with depression and suicidal urges. Last night on Facebook, he announced that he was checking himself […]