Scores of celebrities have stood up in this election to make their support known for a specific presidential candidate. Inevitably, these endorsements sway the fans of these celebrities to make a choice on who to vote for, whether its in favor or against that candidate. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Either way, a celebrity endorsement […]


The debate the other night between Trump and Clinton was very interesting to say the least. But this is the one you missed. Fox News had a black man and a white guy (Don’t know their names) going back and forth about a young black girl who don’t stand up for the national anthem. Just […]

What are thoughts on the 1st Presidential Debate? Did it change your vote? #QDebate glennrogersjr What’s worse? A person telling you to your face that they don’t give a fuck(trump) OR a person that doesn’t give a fuck but deceives you by actin like they care when they don’t(Hillary). Either way, your vote doesn’t matter. […]

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          Cast your vote! More Love or More Sex ……. Sex because love hurts sex is enjoyable Love. Sex isn’t going anywhere. But if there’s someone that loves you, like REALLY loves you.. Nothing compares to that. And to be honest, love makes the sex better. I would want more love […]

Larry King had a very powerful panel discussion with Nipsey Hussle former NFL player Chester Pitts and Cashmere Agency execs Ryan Ford and Jimmie Lee Solomon about the N-Word. The topic was started on the hot topic of Justin Bieber using the N-word.  Nipsey sided with Ryan Ford on his view’s of white people using the […]

There has been a lot of debate and feelings expressed the last few days about race in America. A listener presented me with a show question — Has all the racial talk changed your view of interracial relationships?? My view of white people hasn’t changed, this was just another benchmark in a long history of […]

Via If you are a driver that can’t seem to give up using your handheld phone while driving, it may come to an end soon. Using a cellphone is already illegal because it’s only a second offense.  Police are allowed to pull you over and issue you another violation such as speeding. Lawmakers are […]

    Stacey Dash was slammed by Twitter fans for publicy endorsing the Mitt Romney campaign and now Vivica A. Fox also expresses her feelings during a recent television interview. “I don’t know why she [Stacey Dash] had to do a photo shoot in a Baywatch red swimsuit with the boobs and the whole flag behind […]

    Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Did you watch the 3rd Presidential Debate last night? Your thoughts? Who won? @92qjamsbmore @drejohnson1 Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 I watched bits and pieces of it, I couldn’t stomach Mittens and his lies again last night! #Obama2012 GM Dre!!! ClassyLady‏@mochahunny84 @DreJohnson1 u knw it..of course Obama won and Romney knows it. i […]

President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney link up last night for the final push before the November 6 Presidential election. The last debate was held in Florida with a big emphasis on foreign policy.   RELATED: President Barack Obama Talks About Favorite Jay Z Song For Debate [Audio] The D.A. Talks To Mitt Romney […]

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