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Democratic Nominee for President of the United States former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

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What are thoughts on the 1st Presidential Debate? Did it change your vote? #QDebate

glennrogersjr What’s worse? A person telling you to your face that they don’t give a fuck(trump) OR a person that doesn’t give a fuck but deceives you by actin like they care when they don’t(Hillary). Either way, your vote doesn’t matter. The electoral college picks the president, not the popular vote. The President is already pre determined.

1sickcharger aye bro they need to give you your spot back lol but far as the debate Clinton aint gotta say anything Trump digging his own grave just let him keep talking gm brp @drejohnson1 #Early

1sickcharger i totally agree @glennrogersjr they create the illusion that our vote counts when really it doesn’t

glennrogersjr @1sickcharger rumor has it, trump was created to get the gullible blacks to vote for Hillary

giftedpriest Trump touched on a huge elephant in the room with our national debt however his approach to solving it is too conservative and impractical. Yes I do admit that the high taxes on the rich has pushed business and bank account owners out of the country and they should be ratified, but not to the extent that he is advocating. The 2008 recession boom proved that those rich folk will buy Mazzis with the 20M tax breaks instead of creating jobs and expanding companies.

king_darrius410 @glennrogersjr if that’s the case Big Homie Why did they elect Obama as President and then let the masses try to beat and defeat everything he has tried to do?

glennrogersjr @king_darrius410 do your research on the electoral college/popular vote. If the popular vote is what dictates the president, Gore would’ve one, not Bush. They tell ppl to vote to give off the perception that your vote is choosing the president when it’s not. Let me ask you dis: what’s a good way to get the black Americans, who never cared/agreed with the government, to agree with the U.S. policies? U put somebody in office that looks like them. That can dance like them. Gullible black seem to forget that house Ni**as were black.

king_darrius410 @glennrogersjr I’m pretty familiar with the electoral college And Black America still doesn’t care or agree with us policies. It’s people out here who think he could have done more for us than what he has done. So in that case who you think they gonna put in there next?

kiona_muah It confirmed my vote…. Not that it needed confirmation. Trump is a joke.

larrialston @drejohnson1 #Qdebate Questions of #trust #plague both #candidates & it’s sad if our #country can’t #believe in the #person wanting 2 hold our highest #office* #nointegrity

omg_itrashida We will go to war if trump win Mrs Clinton got my vote

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