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There has been a lot of debate and feelings expressed the last few days about race in America. A listener presented me with a show question — Has all the racial talk changed your view of interracial relationships??

My view of white people hasn’t changed, this was just another benchmark in a long history of oppressive behavior. I was hoping he would be found guilty so that my thoughts would change, but here we are one again in that same spot that we’ve been at so many times before looking for justice from a oppressive system.  Love doesn’t conquer all folks — Casey

It hasn’t, the people who bark the loudest about race are the racist in my opinion. Interracial relationships, like same sex relationships, are here to stay. So, bark as loud as you want. — Nathaniel

No matter what color we are. We all black when the lights go out. — Robert

I try to see the good in all people. There’s good and bad people in EVERY race. We’re all God’s children and he teaches love, forgiveness, and acceptance. — Jennifer