Many thought that Jamie Foxx was way over the top when he referred to President Barack Obama as our ‘Lord and Savior’ at the Soul Train Awards but now artist Michael D’Antuono finally gets a chance to show the world his painting entitled, “Truth.” What do you think?

Donald Trump has been so busy focusing on President Obama‘s problems that his own businesses are suffering. His luxurious Trump Steak House in Las Vegas has been shut down after health officials discovered 51 violations. Old caviar, weeks old veal stock and outdated duck, expired yogurts and multiple other surprises found during the inspection. The […]

One of the craziest things is in the video below. Mitt Romney had something to say. Barbara Bush had to add her two cents and she can because she might know a thing or two about the President’s position. See it all for your self. See More: Reelection Read More: Barbara Bush Follow Me On […]

This is just something for you to have fun with and laugh a little bit. President Barack Obama gets it in. This was a great job. See Here: Prez Obama Follow Me On Instagram/Twitter @Konan92Q President Obama Back To Work Immediately JIMMY FALLON PRESIDENT OBAMA CONSESSION SPOOF [VIDEO] President Obama And Mitt Romney Spoof- LOL […]

Beyonce and all of Hollywood celebs made sure they all took time to put there ballots in, and she just let her website do the talking by showing the whole thing. Most of Hollywood made sure they got their ballots in, so it would be no question how the west coast feels about the President. […]

No time for President Barack Obama to relax and enjoy the victory of being re-elected, because of the pressing issues he has to deal with. The President has to get on his good foot and get back to the job he said he would do for the people of the United States Of America. See […]

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Barack Obama has been re-elected as the President Of The United States. America has spoken and have re-elected President Obama for four more years! Vice-President Joe Biden will serve alongside Obama proudly. Political analysts warned America that the race is in fact a tight one. Harsh ad campaigns and pointing the finger has finally come […]

Today is the BIG DAY, Election 2012. This is the absolute last chance to have your voice heard and to vote for the BEST person you feel to will lead America. Find your polling place here.

It’s the final day and President Obama is making his push in Ohio and Jay Z said he would do something that everybody will witness as it goes down. This is time for you to make up your mind up and get to the polls on Tuesday. Lebron James and Jay Z hit the stage […]

ELECTION DAY 2012 is HERE!!! It’s NOVEMBER 6th – MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!! If you’re a registered voter in any state but do not know where to cast your vote, check out the links below. For Maryland State voters, various county links are available as well. MARYLAND STATE: (click here for statewide or select your […]

President Barack Obama faced blatant opposition and obstructionism from some Republicans in Congress during his Presidency, and he talks about this and the progress made in this interview on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” Get “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” Highlights Delivered Daily! Even though President Obama is proud of the progress his administration made […]