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Source: Aliya Faust / Radio One

The human body is the same as anything else in life. It needs balance in order to thrive and be fully active. The way we eat and the marketing of foods can have the average person confused about healthy eating habits. Alkaline foods are essential for optimum health and well being. A balanced body can fight cancer, obesity, mental illness an so much more.

When we consume acid-forming foods, the body brings our blood pH back into balance by releasing alkaline-rich minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium into the bloodstream. If we are getting enough alkaline-forming foods in our daily diet, then the body has easy access to these minerals, but if we aren’t consuming enough alkaline-forming foods, then the body is forced to pull these essential minerals from our bones, teeth and organs. That can weaken the immune system, resulting in fatigue and a greater vulnerability to viruses and disease.

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