Ok, so this pastor by the name of Rich Wilkerson, whom has the Kardashian’s are listed as some of his members, is in the midst of a lawsuit.  “They” saying he stole some artwork from street artists.  Hmmmmm….wonder if Yeezy gonna be shouting around service this Sunday or nah??  Click HERE to see what TMZ […]

These babymother’s are getting out of hand.  Have you ever heard of Clayana Warthen??? Well, she has a daughter with NBA Star of the Golden State Warriors, Andre Iguodala.  We heard they had a 6 year relationship.  However, she wants her daughter that has an 151 IQ to meet his other children, and the child support […]

In Outta Pocket news, this 18 year boy, Arthur Charles Roy, an avid Star Wars fan, was arrested for threatening to KILL his friend for giving out the theme to the new movie on his FaceBook.   READ here and see why he getting the award.  Like is it ever serious with all that is […]

In Kardashian’s have NO chill news, another one has moved on to the dark side.  Word is that Kourtney, mother of 3, done left her “cheating” baby daddy Scott Disick.  Earlier the blogs was saying she was creeping and being a cougar with Justin Bieber.  But since then, they done said she got her a […]

This is just insane.  But so BBAGIT award worthy.  So this woman decides to steal some christmas cookie dough out of Wal-Mart, but she tried to hide it in her PURSE.  Not the purse that you carry on your shoulder, but the one that brings life into the world.  The store security noticed that she […]

  Scroll through the 92q.com site to see the full details, but today the lady that’s suing Kendrick Lamar because she was quoted the price of 10k for 3 mins of his time.  The girl named Whitney had already paid $350 for a VIP package.  So now she is mad because the night before she […]

Even though the person running in the photo isn’t the actual thief, wait til you hear about what a Florida woman did when she was caught shoplifting.  Marisol T, was tearing a Macy’s down when an employee of the establishment caught her.  Normally, the culprit runs, but NOT Marisol.  Chileeeeee, soon as she was approached, […]

We are lovers of Aunt Viv.  That’s why we are kinda sad giving the BBAGIT award to her.  But this comment right here is what set of the 50 vs. Viv all over social media.  WATCH THIS!!  We don’t know if this is a PR stunt that got outta pocket, but the main reason Viv is […]

By now everyone is over Yusaf Mack.  Why?  I’m glad you asked.  What started as a scandal of a all male porn of a Philadelphia Boxer, has now turned into a whirlwind of MESS, and LIES and America is sick of it.  When the link first leaked, Yusaf released a statement saying he was drugged […]

  This is just too much!! It hurt many hearts when all received the news that Damon Jennings was found stabbed to death and thrown in a ditch by some people who were once his business associates.  What hits close to home is that Kevin Nixon, one of the alleged named in the murder,  and […]

  No Lil’ Mo isn’t getting the award, but the blogs went UP over the Halloween Weekend.  After a long maternity leave this was the first weekend hanging out.  Boy was it tiring.  Friday was a crazy night.  During an impromptu performance while Dj Quicksilva was killing the set at Bliss in DC, right when […]

YOOOOOO….23 year old Damon Perry of New Mexico is getting the award as well as jail time for allegedly beating his old buddy Chris to death.  He was drinking and watching a marathon of the show The Walking Dead on Netflix.  After the liquor got in his system he said his friend seemed to have […]