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Source: Barış Muratoğlu / Getty

Even though the person running in the photo isn’t the actual thief, wait til you hear about what a Florida woman did when she was caught shoplifting.  Marisol T, was tearing a Macy’s down when an employee of the establishment caught her.  Normally, the culprit runs, but NOT Marisol.  Chileeeeee, soon as she was approached, she fiddled around in her pants, pulled out a handful of POOP and smeared it in the employees face.  YOU have gotta be kidding me.  Not only are there so many germs in fecal matter that cause Pink Eye, Strep, and other maladies, but this is not even a humane reaction.  READ HERE for how it was initially reported.  But you know Marisol is getting the award, and some bleach and a bible.