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The Walking Dead,

Source: AMC / AMC

YOOOOOO….23 year old Damon Perry of New Mexico is getting the award as well as jail time for allegedly beating his old buddy Chris to death.  He was drinking and watching a marathon of the show The Walking Dead on Netflix.  After the liquor got in his system he said his friend seemed to have been turning into a zombie.  He punched, kicked and started attacking Chris with household objects.  Some things in the attack that were used was a guitar, a microwave, and other sharp objects he could get his hands on.

Chris was pronounced dead at the scene.  Demon, oops!! Damon is currently being held in the County Detention Center on $800,000 cash ONLY bond.  What do you think he was drinking?  Sounds like he was off more than a drinky drink.  This is giving a synthetic drug vibe.  Either way, he is really getting the award and hopefully some HELP!!  Jeesh!!  READ here as being reported by other sources.