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Starpulse.com reports that Rihanna recently said

“All humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I could see myself in a relationship with a girl.” 

Wednesday night I asked you — Are we all bisexual?  Here are listener comments via twitter and facebook. Leave your comments on this page and make sure you check out the Love Zone Sun- Thurs at 10pm!


Lavelle – LaDawn I think she right and so many are afraid to admit it! It’s in us all quiet as it’s kept.


Joseph – I think Chris Brown must be still beating her cause she trippin….lol


Lashaun – hell no don’t get me wrong I can compliment a female but when it comes 2 a relationships or intimacy I needs me a man. ri ri betta beat it wit dat


Tarus – Ladawn I totally disagree I believe that this bisexual thing is not a reality but a fantasy of the imagination I don’t agree that all r attracted to the same gender cuz I’m surely not I love my other half Woman


Latia – it may not be true 4 all women but some women do tend to be attracted to other women & keep it hidden. my man & I discuss it all da time. A chic doesn’t necessarily have to be bisexual but some women do have bi tendencies.


Missy – I’m not Bi but at the same time I do look at females like she beautiful or she has a nice body but I know what I’m interested in and women aren’t 1 of them no offense 2 any1


Nicole – Recognizing if another is beautiful or has a nice body is not a bi trait. I think it’s a good thing to be able to compliment other women…it sure beats all the hatin women do on each other.


Kisha – I think that what she said is true far as women. but ppl or women pride tend to take over. I believe somewhere deep down every woman is curious about how another woman cld mke thm feel.


DeAndre – I believe in bisexuality, because I know of some true bisexual people. These people, that I know, don’t do both sexes at the same time. They are in successful relationships and if they are single they can be with either sex. Don’t confuse this with the “Open Relationship”, that’s a whole different story.