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There is Good and Bad Bacteria that you have in your body but you don’t really know because your cells are always keeping them in check.  When kids get sick it is actually good because it teaches their body how to fight germs and bacteria. Bacteria is in your gut and you can read more www.naturallivingideas.com 

You’ll find out many things that can help you transform your health for the better, including:

  • Which beneficial bacteria your gut is missing
  • How you can maximize good bacteria species to enhance gut health
  • Whether or not you’re lacking beneficial metabolites, and which potentially harmful ones are lurking
  • The best ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fats to consume in a diet individualized for you
  • The prebiotics your body needs to provide a foundation of good gut health
  • How you can improve digestion and optimize absorption of nutrients in your gut
  • Specific diet recommendations that will allow you to enjoy more energy, better focus, an optimal weight and greater well-being

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