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Marijuana legalization in Maryland could be on the ballots in November 2018, letting voters decided.

The bill is being introduced this week in Annapolis and if passed, the state constitution would be amended to legalize marijuana.

“The bill basically says ‘yes or no.’ That’s the question before voters on the issue of using, possessing and growing small amounts,” said Del. David Moon, a lead sponsor of the bill.

“The poll numbers both in Maryland and nationwide show the public is broadly supportive of legalization now,” Moon said.

The federal government still considers marijuana illegal.

Lawmakers said a push to decriminalize as much as an ounce of weed has a shot, but they are not ready to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana.

Scroll down for a list of everywhere in the USA you can smoke weed legally.

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Dre’s #breakfastbite: Would you vote yes or no? What are your thoughts? (via Twitter & IG @drejohnson1 @92qjamsbmore)

@team_passeionn  – Yes but no , any drugs they get their hands on ends up laced .

@mufasa_del_rey – Yessir. Worth doing in more ways than one

@leo_pryhde – I say yes. Marijuana is not just for recreational use it’s for medical use as well. And there are so many people locked up for petty misdemeanor chargers for just carrying a dime bag. Let’s just all spark a fatty and be happy 😃 😂😂

@rosaylove – Yes im tried going to D.C

@ogmaylex – of course it should be legal. Everybody don’t need access tho

@blairith – Yes maybe the money spent at the dispensary could finally be put to good use : books, streets fixed, water main breaks fixed. I haven’t seen one pot hole in California. And it’s because everyone is buying pot! 🍁🌿

@mrswatson9_9_16 – Yes all day! #legalization #imhereforit

@rosaylove – Yes

@wassupmamagina – Yes not considered as a hard drug. Anything u do that takes u outside of who u r can b abusive. It’s only for those who can handle it

@da1kelly33 – All day! Yes

@free2bemearies – Absolutely.

@deedeefourlyfe – I say yes, especially for the ones that suffer with chronic pain.

@soulbeautiful34 – Yes I would @92qjamsbmore @drejohnson1

@jae__marie__ – Yes … it’s a win/win

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