With all the talk surrounding Kanye West and how his comments have offended the Jewish community all hell broke loose. The Jewish community which called for Kanye’s pockets. GAP, Balenciaga, Adidas and more have all dropped Kanye West from their partnerships after his “anti-semitic” comments.  However, the black community has sounded off on Twitter calling […]

Don't hit send on that tweet containing a photo or video of a private individual cause it could get you in trouble.

What does the red flag emoji mean!? We’re sure at this point, you’ve seen a lot of memes trending with red flags or people writing captions, comments using the red flag emoji on Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok. If it’s one thing social media does, it’s that it creates trends and it only takes one person […]

Twitter just can't seem to get its own verification process right. The company hopes the third time will be the charm.

Well, this was unexpected, but it makes total sense in today's age of social media.

Twitter reportedly tried to drop a rather larger bag for the Clubhouse app.

A Twitter user posed the question of what events from that era would have had the social media network abuzz and King's name began trending.

All we want is an edit button, but Twitter is testing and giving us everything else but the one feature we are screaming for.

On Thursday (Feb. 18), folks on the social media network got the term "We Black" trending and the results are hilarious as expected.

The CARES Act is back in motion in handing out a much lower stimulus payment than was seen in 2020, but a particular segment of Twitter is offering terrible advice on how to turn the money into fool's gold

The day of our ascension has arrived, and while we really didn't get superpowers, we did get plenty of A+ jokes.