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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Should parents or other adults receive jail time for supplying alcohol to minors?

Mike Savage Yes

Tia Andrews Absolutely yes

Tyice Pulliam Of course they should even the ones who supply marijuana. Adults in this day and time doesn’t allow children to be children. I’ve heard ppl say when i was his or her age I did this and that and I’m like look how u turned out . let children be children

Civ Jones yes

Kevin Boardley Yes they should nobody under 18 be able get alcohol unless they 21

Renaissance Rell Absolutely.

Richard Robinson Jail time is not the only answer…..hit there pockets make them go out in the community and clean up or perform some type of community service. Jail is not the only way to take someone time away from them. Repeat offenders then need some time behind b…See More

Tee Denton Yes.

Valarie Preston YES

Renee’ Scott-Richardson Yes they should. Ur child or their friends isn’t there parents friends. Thats wat a parent n child needs to know, that’s why some kids be off the hook parents give in instead of being a parent

Timeka Wright Maybe a hefty fine.

Jerome Warren Yes

Sharbett Morton Gm hell yeah, you got some parents will partying, drink, smoke and hangout with their underage kid/kids trying to be their friend. That why these kids are too dam grown and disrespectful. Being a parent comes first its okay to be their friend to a certain degree. We as parents gotta do right by our kids, so our kids can do right by us. Kids don’t always listen to our advise but they sure follow by example.

David Hayden No jail time just a heavy fine

Meka Amor Yes! Young people drink and drive all the time and the parent could be the cause of that child’s death or someone else’s

iamdjbunk @drejohnson1 yes, why would any give their child drinks anyway and saying they rather give the alcohol, then someone else give it to their children is crazy, like really

i_am_legend83 or at least a fine they as adults should know better bro for example a lil dude asked me yesterday can i get him a 3pack of blunts im like naw they get mad but why they belong in school anyway gm bro @drejohnson1

frankejohnson Hell yes @drejohnson1

i_am_legend83 if you’re not of legal age then that mean you shouldnt have it we gotta start being adults and stop trying to be their friends ijs @drejohnson1

asher1186 Straight to jail!

closeuprdy Just like the liquor store would get sanctioned, fined or maybe even closed down for it, adults should face similar or e even harsher backlash. It’s stupid.

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