Some drinks have too much sugar in them and some alcohol can ruin your summer body because it contains what is called “empty carbs.” Empty carbs are something you need to know about to keep your fit body, especially because most summer drinks have a lot of sugar and will kill your summer body goals. Blackdoctor.org reports: A […]


How many times have you gone to M&T Bank Stadium for a game and after you saw the prices at the concession stands, you just weren’t hungry anymore? Trust, it happens all the time. Well, after hearing from fans, M&T Bank Stadium have kicked off “Flock Friendly Fare” where 21 of the popular items will […]

What’s a party without a few Red Solo Cups? Basically, “a party ain’t a party” if the signature cup isn’t involved. In this weeks list of tragic, sudden deaths, the inventor of the populated Red Solo Cup, Robert Leo Hulseman has passed away at the age of 84. CNN reports that the man who invented the […]

A man reached a new level of petty when he bought a woman a drink and then hit her up two weeks later to ask for the nine bucks he spent on it back. Was he wrong for expecting something in return from the woman he bought a drink from, or was she wrong for […]

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Should parents or other adults receive jail time for supplying alcohol to minors? Mike Savage Yes Tia Andrews Absolutely yes Tyice Pulliam Of course they should even the ones who supply marijuana. Adults in this day and time doesn’t allow children to be children. I’ve heard ppl say when i was his or […]

Everyone knows I am part time Fit Girl part time Party Girl! I’m always looking for light ways to sip after I tricep dip, so…