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The Tip

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. What are your thoughts on tipping? Should you tip the server no matter how good or bad the service?



Cornell Willis I firmly believe in overtipping. We live in a world of automation, so when you actually get a human to perform a service that’s anywhere close to descent, tip them well!

Charles Smith I would tip the server no matter what….if the quality of service isn’t up to par…then they would know it by their tip…their tip would be, “your service was horrible and u will not be compensated, have a nice day.”…Then they’ll know the next time to give better service.

Cristal Lee Tip no matter what! Now how much you get is up to u…..

DjBunk Dodson For me I tip on the service receive, I hate a bad attitude on a server

Keisha Henson Serving is a job. In which I tip everyone. From the waiter to the housekeeper that cleans my room when I check out. If the service sucks chances are you’re not getting tipped. One you need to learn a lesson and going home with no coins will teach You to humble yourself and do a better job. Hey it works. When tipping I am fair, for I don’t know how it is to make that change, but I know how it is to grind by any means, so i respect their ability to make it happen. Yea I said a whole lot my bad lol gm Dre

whthershey209 I always tip good because most people are working based off tips. If the service is bad I tip but not as good as if the service was great

1sickcharger I tip according to service and attitude if u rude you gets nothing lol i aint tipping just cause i aint balling they better work gm bro #early

bigmarco711 @drejohnson1 Some servers deserve more than just the tip

hashtag_heidi Always tip, if service is excellent they get an excellent tip 20% or more! Then depends on bad service, if it’s bad cause it’s the kitchens fault I still give the server a good tip but if it’s the server fault then it’s about 10% or so… I’ve been in the restaurant business before so I know how it is.

dvell_ If the service is good I will leave a nice tip but if it’s bad I’m not leaving a tip.

keishataliaOnly for good service period.

12_weaver @drejohnson1 no. Tips are for good work akin well done like a bonus at other jobs

grandman1126 GOOD or bad… You should tip… Shout out to my friends at the The T.G.I.FRIDAY’s in Owings Mills!!!

successful_tony Hell no I’ll tip 18% or 20% if the service was good but if it was bad I won’t tip at all

mikeplummer410Always tip. Some more than others but make sure to always tip. You never know the type of day or what a person is going through. Tips are not a bonus, they are part of their pay checks

bmorestreetworkout Always tip they only get like 3 bucks an hour 20% is the normal tip 25% or more for excellent service…. if you can’t afford the tip stay the hell home

brighteyed15 I tip according to service

love_n_u2 You should always tip severs make 3.20 an hour plus tip so if you go eat no matter what tip your server they got rent bills kids like everybody else. So like @bmorestreetworkout said stay home

tattoos_by_bigralph the tip “should” be a REFLECTION of their service… (*but that’s just me. I don’t go by percentages)

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