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Baltimore after Freddie Gray's death

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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Plans are in the works to possibly make St Paul & Calvert Streets open to two-way traffic. Is this a good or bad idea?


DoctorRell Bailey Absolutely not. Prone to more accidents. Certain non drivers can’t even handle our regular downtown streets.

Terrence Teel It is a horrible idea, just would cause even more chaos.

Tanisha Perry Good Idea, it’s too many 1 way streets downtown!!

Corey Smith Not a good look I say no! Happy born day too

Rita Ree Ree Johnson HORRIBLE idea, I work down here & it’s already super congested on those streets & almost accidents everyday. Making it 2 ways will be a lot worse. If it’s not broke don’t try to fix it & make it worse.

Antiwan Johnson No, I don’t think it’s cool to open those two streets

whthershey209 Why don’t they invest the money into fixing the streets we currently have with all the potholes.

brooklynsdiamond616 Why don’t they put that MONEY INTO THE SCHOOL SYSTEM AND UPGRADE THE SCHOOLS…

daunshay @whthershey209 GOOD POINT!!!!!!

whthershey209 @drejohnson1 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO!

1sickcharger @drejohnson1 Aye bro what they need to do is reinstitute the parallel parking on Driving Test all these non driving ass negroes out here lol gm bro #Early

hillaryclayton Omg no I live on Saint Paul.. 2 way will destroy already annoying traffic flow. Not to mention the fact that it would probably be about 6 years of construction!! There have to be better ways to spend tax dollars.

neva_disappointing_me Happy Birthday @drejohnson1 Why don’t they invest that money into these vacant houses, recreation, and schools that they are considering closing. Those Streets are fine just fine they been like that all these years leave them alone!!! Stop wasting our tax dollars into the inner harbor and spread it all over the city!

codink28 Bad why change now. I use St. Paul Street every day and it’s one of the quickest way to get downtown. @92qjamsbmore

mrbez4ever Hell no

miralynne_ Hell no….

neka27 No leave it alone

kidsister221 👎👎🙅🙅🙅 ‘RECONSIDER READ SOME LITERATURE ” **in my Andre 3000 voice **

showtime_byrdmanNoooooooo can u say grid lock not a good idea at all.

mrs_g_a_bosslady Not a great idea

danisobeautiful Plzzzzzz no! I use both streets daily that would be such an inconvenience.

meetdabrownz The end result will be good but the insanity the construction would cause during the process isn’t worth it in my opinion

waynedaasshole It won’t solve anything. There will be cars parked on both sides of the street. Which will turn a one way street with 2 lanes open. To a 2 way street with one lane open on both sides. Now we have an even worst traffic jam.

lindseyrocks123 Definitely not worth the detours and length of construction it will take. These two streets are very busy with morning commuters during the week and it would just be chaos. 😱


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