Good Morning – Name one thing you love and one thing you hate about Baltimore!  Sound off on Facebook and Instagram!

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Crystal Ann I love the food!!! Hate the violence

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden I love everything about this city–born and raised here–and I hate the string of violence that’s happened since the riots.

MrTerrence Teel I love the Diversity, hate how the city handles crime , police visibility and trash

Chanel Jones Violence. It needs to stop but it’s not. Get worst every day. Parents is not even seeing their kids hit 18/21 shit ridiculous. But it’s not city its the jackasses in it

Kizzie HoldingItdownsolo Ray I love that all my family is here together n I hate all of the killings that’s been going on

Kevin Boardley I love Baltimore Orioles and ravens but I hate people selling drugs

Cheri Henry I am a culinary student at Stratford University so I must we have the best food in Baltimore, but the things I hate is our mayor and the way she places blame for her wrong doings, instead of taking responsibility for her part.

Tamera Monaé It’s gotten so bad I can’t remember what I love about it …use to be the guys but now so many are dl brothers smh but I don’t like all the abandoned houses throughout the city and we have just as many homeless people ..use our tax money to fix up the inner city not just downtown so these ppl can get some housing

Patricia Ray I love the city i was born and raised in. I hate the crime, drugs, junkies, and dre!

Leslie Alston Good morning Dre Johnson! I love that Baltimore is a melting pot, but also at the same time, I hate the racism that goes along with the different races in Baltimore.

Ferrari Gill I love this CITY 💯% Only cause it’s wat I know , ery ally , ery street..but I hate the mentally ain’t NO REAL LOVE ,Can’t trust ya own brother. .

Nina TakingCharge Zamora I love the food I hate the mayor

Mikita Peebles I love the sites,we have some historical ones and some that’s just plain beautiful.I don’t like the drugs and the dealers.

Keisha Henson I love crabssss but hate the trashy ass people this is one filthy city and my neighbors are disgusting smh

Pebbles Lewis I hate the judicial system a.k.a. The revolving door. I love the food places in certain areas.

Latia Davis I love my Baltimore ravens and i hate the hiv and aids levels n the city

Gail Suchalady McGee I hate the violence, vacant houses in all areas, how the elected officials handle the money for the youth to get an education by closing down schools and not keeping the existing schools in better operating conditions. Lastly, how we were lied to about if we voted for casinos this would help the fund schools, lies.

Tyice Pulliam I love everything about the city especially the #Ravens …..I hate that everyday more than one family has to grieve because of the killings that go on….

Shawna Purpose Driven Cheatham Baltimore is a beautiful artsy place of vibrancy which I love… juxtaposed against the irony of senseless bloodshed and police brutality which I hate.

Toairay Tee Tee Tuggle-Lewis I love the Ravens and hate how many communities look like ghost towns.

Chereese Barrett I love my city because I born and raised here but I hate all the senseless killings and the killers who have no remorse doing it or care who they hurt in the process

Tee Denton Bmore is my home. Born and raised here. Our mayor is horrible, the crime is terrible, if we could get rid of alot of these hateful ppl In this city, I think we would have a better city. Gm Dre

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