The first step in fixing a problem is admitting that you have a problem. Does it mean that anything will change, No! However, you’re putting it out there so if anyone ever has any questions, it’s not like you’re hiding it. In a series of snapchats, Chris Brown embraced the issue that when it comes […]

This was the craziest video ive watched all year. The creativity in this was at an all time high. I dont want to ruin it so how about you watch it for yourself. source 

Is this ratchet or pretty smart? This is hilarious to watch. Hopefully this stopped the pain she was going through and helped her have a safe pregnancy. source 

I could only imagine how ashamed this man girl felt during this whole moment. In the footage you will see why you don’t need to cheat and don’t need side chicks. ALSO TRENDING: Is Brandy Pregnant? Watch Snoop Dogg’s Reaction To Kanye’s Concert Rant [VIDEO] Blac Chyna Shows Off Her Unreal Post-Baby Body Want news […]

A part of me is amazed to see a monkey smoke a Newport, but then reality sets in and I’m like that’s so unhealthy. This video isn’t funny but it’s kind of funny at the same time. Press play and let me know what you think about it. Want news at your fingertips? Text “QCREW” to […]

In 2016 I’m really starting to feel like the stunts are getting out of hand. I’m seeing guys literally risk their life daily to get likes on the Gram and views on Youtube. I do have to admit this was dope though. The crazy thing about this video is he almost hit the ground instead […]

People nowadays have no chill at all. With all the Ruckus going on about these random clowns walking out at night, people still decide to prank random people while dressed as a clown. I guess this won’t stop until somebody gets seriously hurt. I have to add that this was pretty funny though. Want news […]

This guy Donald Trump is off the chain crazy. In the presidential debate last night he tells Hillary Clinton he would send her jail if he was the president. What are your thoughts on this? Do you actually feel he deserves to be president? Want news at your fingertips? Text “QCREW” to 24042 to join our […]

This is crazy but to be honest ive seen worst. Im starting to think that maybe people in China look at people in America crazy for eating certain things that we look at as tasty. CLick below and see these baby mice being taken advantage of. Want news at your fingertips? Text “QCREW” to 24042 […]

Has the world we live in really come to this? People are painting themselves white to keep from getting harmed by police? Some of the language in this video may be offensive to some viewers. Please watch with caution… Want news at your fingertips? Text “QCREW” to 24042 to join our text club! SEE ALSO: […]

It really drives me crazy when my mate ______? Fill in the blank. Baltimore Rayven Ask me back to back questions Treneda Allen Put his feet on me 😡😠 Tammy T Sapp Chew slowly with mouth open😾😾😂😂 Ryan Wilbur Jenkins Randolph Talks reckless out her mouth whthershey209 Kisses me all on my neck 😜😜 blacklivesmatter_scorpion […]

Whatever you do in your life just make sure you dont end up like this guy. In this video you see a naked man lock himself outside his hotel on accident. Somebody  should have helped this guy.   ALSO TRENDING: Young Thug Says There Will Be “Two Brides” At His Wedding 50 Cent Posts Timer […]