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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬… How would you rate public transportation in Baltimore on a scale of 1-10? Why?



Tabby McKoy -1 how the light rail gonna separate a make you 1hr late for work with no explanation but goin up on fare’s the worse stuff ever

Kevin Boardley Mta bus some time late or don’t show up when schedule or crowded so I give _5.

Shawn Manning They need more routes closer to places they don’t go.They need TV’s for like public transportation news.so you can see or hear what’s going on with a route if something is causing them to be late or something.

Renee’ Scott-Richardson -1 they are terrible, most drivers are rude. An the passenger isn’t no better, n why keep going up on bus fares, with still ragged old buses which still make a person late.

Jacinta Ki Wilson 1 the buses are always I have missed many appointments because of late buses.

Tee Denton 3. I’m so happy and thankful that I have a car. When I was using transportation, it was the worst thing ever, smh. Gm Dre

Tavon Davis rate ummmmm they fail miserably lol man they get a _______ (flatline) mean dead no life…. I refuse to ride public transportation… Imma end up on worldstarrrrrrr

Tanisha Perry MTA Transportation Overall Should Get A 6 Because Most of The Time They’re LATE, Dirty (Mostly City Buses) The Drivers Overall Are Like Everybody Else They Give People An Inch & Some Take A Mile Always Trying To Get Over, If I Have To PAY U Do Also…

Deondra BetterDayz Hopkins 2, they’re always late, always wanna take a break, always angry, wanna raise rates but won’t improve the product……

Nina TakingCharge Zamora 2 Fare went up. Folks don’t give up their seats to the elderly,disabled or pregnant ladies…

Pamela Hughes 2 escalators don’t work at the deepest subway stops, elevators turned off, very rude operators, and being late is the norm

Geraldo H Tillery -10 and please don’t ask me why because you can’t repeat my reply on the air

Cutrina Pinks Freeman Subway is a mess during the winter. Broke, derailed, late and not on time. They just went up on the fare.

RobTrendsetter Brown 2

MrTerrence Teel -0

Charles Smith It sucks…compared to other large cities, Baltimore’s transportation sucks…we have a lightrail that only goes North and South bound..and a metro that goes from East to West..what about those who need to travel in between…like NE and SE…Caucasians were thought of when the dynamics of this plan was put into place..leave the busses for the n**** they said….

Crystal L Williams Did the money just went up to $ 4.00 for an all day pass? N $ 1.75 for one way? N that all the buses need to run for 24 hours!! Couple of nights getting off of work I had to walk from York rd to perring parkway all by myself!! Bus stop running before I got off

Madri Fairchild No, busses will pass u by because they refuse to ask ppl to step back and make room. Sometimes there are elderly ppl waiting and have to wait even longer in this heat. My opinion the connectors run better lol

MsHappybymyself Parham This fare crap… Is ridiculous, their NEVER on time…. Have the driver’s pull off in your face. Always late, with attitudes…smh take the fare back down!! 4


Carroll Middleton Jr  zero…i been waitin on the 33 since 1986!!!

_renee.s_3rd -10 and I don’t ride da bus

7.20cancer I do not ride public transportation, but my mother drives and I pray for her everyday. She would rate it a -0. The stories that she tells me are horrible about the passengers. @drejohnson1 #notallbusdriversarebad

eman3275 The governor doesn’t care nothing about Baltimore City, we the blame ,we put him there

krispyinbmore Losing the jobs and development that would have come with the Red Line is a tough blow to the city. But Baltimore and its people are resilient and we gonna make it anyway!

dee_page3900 What was that song that played after Los???

iamdjbunk@drejohnson1 An F, too many damn fights, it’s like world star hip hop. GM dre

shannai3030! The service is horrible !!!!! The police is never around!!!! Don’t feel safe!!!!!

blizz40 I rarely take public transportation but when i do it’s about a 6.

nyzblue1 Horrible. As a native New Yorker I do not understand why/how in major hub like Baltimore the transportation system is not more connected. It is a hodge podge of NOTHING!

always_kenny 7 it’s convenient when I don’t feel like driving!


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