Nikki Haley And Lindsey Graham Hold Press Conf. On Confederate Flag At SC State Capital

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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬… How do you feel when you see a Confederate Flag?


@DreJohnson1 I got used to seeing it on The Dukes of Hazzard growing up. As I got older and understood the meaning I hated the show & flag

— Walker Clan Forever (@JoBranGabTyMad) June 24, 2015

Chereese Barrett Mad as hell!

Tabby McKoy Sick to my stomach

Madri Fairchild Like a Union Soldier…10x bloodier than Denzel in Glory..I hate confederates and their flag and their beliefs.

Jermaine Townes Hate is taught because everybody like the dukes of Hazzard car the General Lee…and it had the flag on it..

Madri Fairchild I never liked the flag, I watched dukes for two reasons, the car chases and Daisy…I didn’t even like the name of the car

Stuart Goodall The same way I feel when I see a black person with a head full of bone straight weave but nappy arm and leg hairs, blue contacts, with jewelry that goes “klink, klink, klink” when they walk. I feel giddy is what I feel. Like, look at that clown! I wonder if they know how stupid they look. Kinda like clansmen and the scene with the hoods in Django. Hilarious.

Terrell Lambirth I am not offended by the confederate flag at all. I used to be at one point in time but now I realize that it’s just cultural and it is a representation of southern culture, which there is plenty of here in Baltimore and in Maryland.

Charles Smith The funny thing is that I have more hate towards going into poverty-stricken neighborhoods where I see my brothers and sisters acting like complete asses…pants saggin….selling poison to one another..calling each other obscene names…boarded up houses…junkies early in the morning leaning…This piece of material though it has history has no effect on me nor do I give it power to do so…but whats going on right here on our block…yeah!

Leslie Alston I do not get angry about the Flag. The Confederate was a part of American History, a bad part of American History, but it was apart of American History. We cannot discriminate or do away of that part of History because idiotic fools take it out of context. A lot of EDUCATION is needed. It is just like the word Nigger. Many people would love to take that word and push it out the way, but in the African-American Community, that word is fine to use. Education is a MUST, but you are always going to find an indiot or imbecile in bunch. Removing the Confederate Flag will not stop a person’s mind. Peace and Blessings.

Geraldo H Tillery I don’t even remember what school said about that flag so I can care less about it.

justbrown Honestly, I think of the Dukes of Hazzard….djm 😳 @drejohnson1

corey1ravens52@drejohnson1 there’s a difference between history and hate. Taking it down changes nothing. People will still have their beliefs ..,. We have bigger problems in Baltimore … Homeless. Aids. Heroin. Schools. Police. We need to start teaching the history n not the hate of few that hide behind it

mylifemypicz I don’t think it will ever come down.. have you been to SC? They pride that flag. . They moved it from the top of the building to the front of the building. .. they will just move it. Recently was in Sc and i felt I was in a third world county…

optimism_inahaze It let’s me know that some people haven’t moved on. The only thing that flag represents is unjustified hate for a people who didn’t want to be here in the first place.

iamdjbunk@drejohnson1 burn it 🔥🔥🔥🔥Gm dre

longwooddeepvoice I feel like I need to run or stay away

longwooddeepvoice Sad to say but true the might still be on some stuff

ogtriple20 Speaking as a Historian, I believe the initial intended purpose of the Confederate flag was to represent pride and the resilience of the south. However as a southerner, I do believe that there are those that use the flag to represent white supremacy and dominance over other races.

lyfeisgoodppl Honestly i get nervous as hell. In my line of work, i have to go to different locations in Maryland and it’s terrible. It’s bad enough that I’m at their door with a turn off notice but to see that flag makes it worst. #tryingnotgetlynched

henrygannett Put it in a box labeled bad flag💯💯💯

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