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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Some #Maryland lawmakers are pushing to add slots to BWI Airport. What are your thoughts? Click here to read the full story.


sagiveli_1211 They greedy..w

dianaprince8 Vegas has them so why not

patience_plz No it’s no benefit to the state

flowsuniquely4u Only if they actually plan on benefiting this city and not their pockets. They have money to put more slot machines but are discussing cutting City school employees and losing state jobs makes no sense to unemployee people and build slot machines

gpc_life Add them if it means the revenue will go to schools. Apparently people gamble more than they vote anyway. #justsaying

modemkilla F dat! Legalize Marijuana Already!!! #Wtf @drejohnson1

eboni_vs_ebo I think the lawmakers should focus on more important matters like our education problems; mental health issues; police brutality and etc.

drkingdre No that’s too much. We got enough slots. Focus on more important things like jobs,education and legalizing marijuana

sweethunni84 No no no! The 2 casinos we have aren’t bringing the city any money and they’re definitely not using it for schools like they lied and said they would.


darealsweettee Some people rent still $95 a month.

Vonnie Fatz Long Smh so my question is where will that money go? To the county, into their pockets? Because we’re still trying to figure out where the HorseShoe money going.

Geraldo H Tillery Now its going to be more fights at BWI….. they better beef up security….

Tee Denton I say No. All this money for Slots, should be put into the Schools. Besides we have enough casinos in Maryland.

Chereese Barrett I SAID HELLLL NAWWWW! In my Sophie voice. Btw because they always say it goes to our city schools but how when the schools look like abandoned crack houses. Perfect example The HorseShoe money to schools.

Donald Smoot What about adding it to the racetracks like they were supposed to do for new beginning not BWI..


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