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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Just weeks away from the opening of the new casino downtown, critics are saying the state isn’t doing enough to deal with gambling addiction. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #Thursday

Delores Millerbland What else is wrong?

Deidre Finallylovinme Bryan They cant even do shit about the drug addicts..oh I forgot they take good care of them..supplying them with teeth, lifetime methadone, bus passes, money and God knows what else…Gambling addiction should not be the city’s problem, its a therapist the state dont care as long as that casino is bringing more revenue to the city

Lucky K. Kush ‏@KushSinatra @DreJohnson1 ppl are concerned w/ gambling addiction now that the casino is opening but ppl buy lottery tix DAILY since ’73 #WakeUp

Lady Taurus ‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 the same people that are criticizing are probably the same ones with the gambling problems. They need to get over it!

whthershey209 People are gonna do what they want to do. Whether they spend the money in our state or go out of state. Keep the money in MD

letstalkmoneycee I agree with the critics the state of Maryland has not been dealing or offering help with gambling addictions you have the same gambling anonymous classes before the legalize of gambling games

irock20pearlz  This casino is about to show us how bad addictions can really be. Baltimore is an addictive city. Look at the rate of heroin addictions.

drunkinlove8513 With Maryland live and horseshoe the state is going to bring so much money is going to be crazy because Maryland is full of some gambling fools- I can’t wait till it opens!

drelocs_  But is it really helping the schools like they promised it would? Lol glad I didn’t fall for that one.

davonjones906 Gm Dre! I’m not really a fan of gambling… but the truth is people who have addictions finds ways to satisfy that addiction…. we’ve lost money to neighboring states for years..DE, NJ and WV… hopefully some of that money is actually used for the state…

djbunk_1058 Maryland government is greedy, the state don’t care, they just want money and @drejohnson1 GM Dre

sleek410 Well gambling is an addiction, but that is why they decided to come here in the first place. It will also hold Baltimore’s first 24 hour liquor license. I hate to sound cold hearted but gambling is a choice. If you choose to gamble your rent money away, that’s on you. Admit you have a problem and get some help.

rwells1984 I totally agree with what you just said in the radio “Gambling Is A Choice”

bmorebriji900 There’s no doubt there will be back lash over this casino opening however the gambling addiction treatment centers they are going too open will bring jobs and so will the pawn shops and so will the police department for more cops too patrol and lock up the kids past curfew hours cause momma and auntie left them un supervised to get too the Horseshoe.we have been sold out by our elected officials and the little moral fabric that this city had will be torn once again like the crack epidemic in the 80 s brace yourself

coreyharold Really. .didn’t know the state had 1 and a lot of people didn’t but they will dress it up Baltimore needs to cash in on some of that money like other states..

dbright2014 @drejohnson1 the choices we make can make us or break us. When choices break you please just have the courage to pray weather the storm and get the help you need no matter what.


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