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Dre’s #Breakfastbite.. A bill was introduced Thursday that would require schools in #Maryland to begin after Labor Day. What are your thoughts?


londynn_bridge It should have always been that way. I never understood why kids went to school for a week then were off when most families are on vacation

luvmesomekenny Yes they should it makes sense!! In NY we went after Labor Day but we also stayed in school until the end of June.

ny_tea31 I’m all for it!

eboni_vs_ebo Awesome idea. There is no need to send them to school for a few days in August. Also helps families that may go on vacation through Labor Day!

dah2__1969 When I was in school we always went back after Labor Day doesn’t make sense to go to school a week then get a off day besides that first week in August they not doing anything but paperwork like emergency cards and update phone#

girlie613 Why did it change? We always went back to school after Labor Day.

gpc_life I think all kids should go to school year round with extended breaks throughout

kortneyerin Definitely agree. It makes no sense to have them go back in August.

kissme_kima I always hated my kids going to school in August. Make it happen

blizz40 I support the decision. I never understood why they changed it.

yettabug This is no big deal to me! That would be wonderful because as an educator you always have a few kids who don’t start until after Labor Day for various reasons, vacation or parents are waiting for their public assistance check.

luvmesomekenny @drejohnson1 don’t be talking about me. YES I DO LOVE ME SOME KENNY!!!

cutee323 It makes sense!!!! I agree with schools starting after Labor Day!!!!

7.20cancer That’s how it use to be @drejohnson1 I never understood why things changed

stoneyscorpio Idk y they changed it in the first place!

tammyp2003 This year is weird because the first of September is a Tuesday and labor day is the following Monday. I think it’s good because ITS still vacation time especially since the fair is still going on.

Vernon Branch That’s a good thing

Shekella Charity Good. That’s when it should start.

Vonnie Fatz Long Their changing the school system so much their confusing themselves. They close them for snow flurry but cutting their days off. Let me know when Education becomes of an importance to them.

Chereese Barrett That’s GGGGGRRRREEEAT! In my Tony The Tiger voice. Btw T.G.I.F!!!!!

Patricia Ray That how it was back in the day.. 100% support.

Keisha Henson Good that’s how is used to be makes no sense to start before a holiday you gonna b closed for

Aaliyahs Page It’s about damn time!!!

Donna Missin Derrick Yes makes sense to me! We returned to school after Labor Day back in the day and it was the way to finalize our summer! Gm Dre!

Tee Denton That would be good for the kids.

BrodyBlack Illustrious-Bailey That work to the kids’ advantage. It worked for us back in the day.

Menyon MeMe Dixon-Johnson That’s the way it was when I was attending school. I don’t understand why it was ever changed. And its not just to make up snow days.

Kevin Boardley They should go back to the old way going to school after labor day when I was going to school that when I went after labor day. So yes

MrTerrence Teel Why not?

Russell Borden That’s how it used to be. Bout time they got something right.

Ty McFly Agreed

Kira Mikele I think it’s a good thing!!!!

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden ‘Bout damn time!!! Gm Dre!

Jay Truegentlemen Tillage Yes it was like that when we’re in school Dre’

Stephanie Booth Dre Johnson I disagree! I look forward to that first paycheck in September after being off all summer! If school starts after “LABOR DAY”, I’ll be waiting an additional two weeks for a paycheck!


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