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10 o’clock Topic: a city police officer is being investigated for using her baton and mace on students after breaking up a fight. The students suffered injuries; one received stitches after being struck with the officer’s baton. Parents blame the officer for her actions. What are your thoughts? Call 410-481-9292 or leave your comments here. ‪#‎YouSayWhat‬



Here is what you had to say on social media:

pebbles_pagePpl have no idea how hard it is to be a police officer let alone a school police officer. I know ppl like think that their children are angels but no all of them are. Some children are VERY disrespectful and do not especially authority. She may have feared for her safety. I need all of the facts.


piscean.beautyThey asses shouldn’t have been fighting. Period. If she couldn’t break up the fight normally and used excessive force than so be it. These kids need to learn how to deal with conflict in a healthy manner. Fighting ain’t solving nothing and now they all busted up


skaterjokermotherI say it starts at home, as parents we mist set the standard so that our children know how to act in public instead of acting ratchet all the time

prettykoiThese so called kids are disrespectful, have no respect for life not even their own, out of control, if they were unruly and showing no respect for authority




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