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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Baltimore City Public Schools is facing a 60 million deficit, which could lead to layoffs even without state cuts. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #Wednesday


Tanya Chew I don’t understand why , where’s the money from the lottery , Nascar Racing, Casinos & the federal Gov ???? Baltimore City Schools are already under staff & lacking with supplies .

China Goinggoinggone Gordon Alonzo messed this system up when he allowed principles to create and handle their own student budget..smh

Vonnie Fatz Long Good morning Dre it’s sad that our children education means nothing to the Government officials. What happen to all that talk about the casino funding schools? It’s bad that they already consider 60 a passing grade, but hey these are the people we vote in to office.

djbunk1058 Sadddddddddd😭

dreamfirst_realitysecond So damn sad smh @drejohnson1

justiffmarie Not surprising to me. Unorganized organization and i cannot WAIT to get my kids out of the system and into a county.

thickdiva428 When aren’t they facing a deficit??? With this new governor in office they most definitely won’t get any relief. Every year we hear the same thing, they’re in a deficit and it’s ridiculous.

alabama_rasta443 Damn shame and the sad part is you taking away their schools too…#noteachersnoschoolsnoeducation somebody should be fired for not doing what they need to do for our damn kids… If we cut their pay let’s see how they have that budget together

7.20cancer @drejohnson1 well I teach for Bcps and there is always something going on!!!! It is sad and disheartening because we all lose. We barely have materials to teach with but yet they want to have major layoffs. I have no clue what they are doing with the money. Anyone who work inside of a school is over worked and unpaid as it is and the children are undereducated. THE SAD PART IS MOST PARENTS DON’T CARE. IF THEY DID THERE WOULD BE MORE PROTESTING GOING ON AND NOT JUST THE LITTLE TURN WE HAVE FOR MEETINGS AND RALLIES SMH….. LORD HELP OUR CHILDREN AND EDUCATORS!!

kissme_kima First of all when we voted for them to use lottery/gambling funds for the schools, somebody fucked up. Ain’t no way in God’s green earth layoffs should be taking place. God don’t like ugly

juicy_tra LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use profits for the schools. Save money on paying crooked cops during the war on pot, and put the money saved into the schools. Park them damn helicopters and put the fuel into the schools!! Stop spending so much on all these new police vehicles and put the money into the schools! STOP SENDING PEOPLE TO SPACE FOR NOTHING AND THE SCHOOLS IN THE USA COULD GET FUNDING!

irock20pearlz @alabama_rasta443 Well some parents should be fired for just sending their kids to school and thinking that the teachers are supposed to work magic with their kids! Parents have a responsibility in the educational process too and it includes more than just sending them out of the door.


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