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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Our new Governor Larry Hogan outlines a budget plan that would cut state workers pay and aid to city schools. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #maryland #bmore #friday #2015

brace_yourself327 Somebody always loses out….

ktjd_1114 Why would you cut aid to a school system that’s already struggling…smh why not the county schools?

kuppykake1965 Smh, their Always cutting programs & activities…..how abt him taking a paycut?****crickets****

lovinghim4life School system is already loses, dang now u want to take more smh!! Shout out to all my Bcps co- workers making it work for the good of the kids.

_ryolo_ its always a good idea to enhance our schools so that the children recieve a higher level of education and are in a more secure enviornment but cant we find the money somewhere else

sosincerecb I knew it was coming

edaddy206 He is in a no win situation. No matter what he cut someone would disapprove. You can’t make everyone happy. He’s making tough decisions without raising taxes.

blizz40 Not happy about the pay being cut. I’m already struggling SMH

classy_lisa With the bar being set higher around standardized testing and the new PARCC assessments, the education budget should be the last thing that should be cut. Our students are already lagging behind. They deserve better than this. Smh

mrs._7 Amazing how he’s not cutting his own salary. If we are all in this together he should feel the burn too. IJS

age.of.fulton I rather take the higher taxes. But I feel the city should be able to fund their own school system without the state. If the city government enhance policy and applied sound measures to widen tax base the school system wouldn’t need state money…..

the_resume_king They voted him in I just hope they saved their cash because it’s going to get real tough.

Jessica Marie ‏@JessicaMarieMua @DreJohnson1 The Governor needs to cut the people at the top who already make the money & don’t do any work. I can help I have some names.

Patricia Ray Thank god my child is graduating in May! Just smh….

Mac Mcknight Now come on. What did ya’ll think was going to happen once he took office. You can’t be surprised.

Keisha Turner I don’t know y they r complaining because they should have got there ass up and voted but if they said they was going to put food stamps on your card but all u had to do was stand in line that line would be from md to NC but u can’t get them to vote they ain’t that seen nothing yet.

larri alston ‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Cutbacks taking from some 2 give 2 others don’t solve anything so hope focus can change 2 generating more revenue for all*GM:)




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