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Baltimore Downtown


Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Travel & Leisure magazine readers rank #Baltimore the fourth ugliest city in the US. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #bmore #maryland #wednesday #2014

Nic-O-Las West ‏@Dawkness00 @DreJohnson1 Baltimore is full of beautiful people, problem is they travel to Miami. As well as everyone else. So of course Miami is #1

Akoyé ‏@AkoyeG @DreJohnson1 I agree, definitely one of the ugliest cities I’ve ever been too

Knicole Graves ‏@KnikkiD @DreJohnson1 Good Morning! They must have based that survey on the people in and around Lexington market!

Charles Smith All depends on what’s “their” meaning of ugly. How did they arrive at this census? Were the people who came up with this s**t ugly themselves?

DoctorRell Illustrious-Bailey Obviously Travel and Leisure must have ventured out to Lexington Market and met some of our finest drug zombies. Gave up and ran.

Patricia Ray Ugly attitudes maybe…..

Cuzzo FamilyFirst To many vacants in our city don’t think they talking bout us as ppl are ugly!

Dj T N T The Epic 1 ‏@DjTNTEPIC1 “@DreJohnson1: Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Travel & Leisure magazine readers rank #Baltimore the fourth ugliest city in… Heck Noooooo

Blueheffner4ever ‏@Blueheffner_75 @DreJohnson1 ugly. They haven’t seen me yet. Lol #breakfastbite

djtyimcfly Wow! #nocomments

jpjp1983 They crazy

lil_adam_55 Wouldn’t doubt it

living_lovin13 This crime is definitely making it ugly sad to say,

eman3275 they must have just went over East, they should had come over West

cicelymofrank Some parts of Baltimore are very ugly. We as a community do our least to take care of it…..after you leave downtown its a wrap!!!!! #sadbutsumtruth #wecandobetta

letishalopez45 Lots of boarded up buildings, litter, rats & crime. I’m not a native but have lived here for years & few things have changed since I’ve been around.

sheis_alleyrenee Our city is beautiful! It’s what people do to it that’s ugly. Good Morning @drejohnson1 BMore has some pretty bad places but I wouldn’t label it fourth. Ive seen worse

mufasa_del_rey Saw the article. They were talking about the people not the infrastructure and architecture. That being said, ugly people like me make the beautiful people shine more. I take my job very seriously lol.

nickii_neeon Historic….not ugly. Just because we are not built up like Vegas and other major cities doesn’t make us ugly. We are doused in history! And the beautiful part of Baltimore is it’s historical maintenance! I love my city!!!

nickii_neeon P.S. can the breakfast bite tomorrow be about the courts trying to charge Michael Brown’s step father accusing him of being the one to trigger the riots in Missouri

nickii_neeon I’d love to see ppl opinions on that

msbhaven76 Funny how predominantly black cities have the ugliest residents #ijs

sweethunni84 I don’t disagree…I’m not originally from here but when I moved I said the same thing. And it’s folks attitudes that make them look worse.

blizz40 There are far more unattractive ppl in other states. I think baltimore have very beautiful ppl but ugly attitudes.

big_ant23 not ugly just not pretty tht all lol #bestplacetolive

scarburst2424 I would disagree with that rating. I dont see it as ugly at all..I see a city rich in soul and a melting pot of cultures that flow deep within th city. This coming from a person who isnt born and raised. I am an outsider looking in on this city and I love it. I think this rating came from someone who didn’t really embrace the heart of the city.

larri alston ‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Bmore isn’t an eyesore but we will take an eye out*So much violence plagues the city that ppl believe every1 here is that way:(


Baltimore Police Phone Tapping Cell Phones

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