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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. The Mayor will hold 2 public forums tonight to clear up confusion over the city new curfew law. Do you think this curfew will work? What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #Monday

Rebecca Phillips ‏@LadyVicious3 @DreJohnson1 @jamesthegreat1 @92QJamsBmore I think it’s great if ur running the streets at night your up to no good. #Gotobed gm

Dynamic511 ‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 it must be enforced. From picking up the kids violating to making the parents pay the fines.

withluv__janedoe I think its perfect!! Because often kids are out past 11pm and that’s not cool I don’t care how you look at it. Give them a curfew and stop being their friend. Even @92qjamsbmore asks “its 9 o clock do you know where your kids are? @drejohnson1

evrybdyluvsliv I think the curfew is worth a try! I mean, it’s a step in some sort of direction to try to curve some of the problems in the city…it’s a no win situation though…..if there are no steps towards a solution, then the mayor is doing a bad job. She is taking steps towards trying to fix the situation somewhat and she still is doing a bad job….we are being too critical on this one..


1sickcharger No , they have done this before… The parents should help enforce it though because a child should be in the house around that time anyway… @drejohnson1 gm bro #Early

kellyreesie No I think it will give the police another reason to mess with ppl’s children and who has 500$ to pay the city for their child the city is going to have a bunch of kids in their care if they are expecting these parents to pay 500$

natethedriverfields It may cause some confusion… But, it will hold the parents more accountable for the whereabouts of there teens after hours, which will help cut down on the city homicides between the ages of 13 to 19… @drejohnson1

doeboyr7 It’s a waste of time! If the thought of killing someone and going to jail doesn’t keep a person from doing so…. Wth is a curfew going to do! A person is going to do what they want! No curfew is going to stop you from doing so!

iamdivah GM Dre. No, because They are not consistent. Every year, They have the same meetings to discuss the same laws. The best thing she could do for our youth is to reopen the recreational centers, hire teens – young adults who are doing Great things to do peer to peer mentoring and be consistent with that.

dee_223 No so many single parents are working two and three jobs to survive, children are unsupervised

there_goes_nunu Morning @drejohnson1 I PERSONALLY DONT THINK A NEW CURFEW WILL WORK .. My reasoning ? kids only do wat they r allowed to do and if the parent doesn’t exhibit any time of SET STRUCTURE , they will do as society demands in this case , being out late . My son is 2 and his curfew is 8pm daily faithfully 11 is beyond generous take or give middle school aged kids ! 💯

there_goes_nunuType ^*

ktjd_2011 I believe a curfew is needed I mean as long as it’s used the proper way…not if it’s just a scam to just get more money from the citizens of Baltimore…for example if the child is 3 doors down the street and the mom just went in the house to get a bottle of water and now the police come pass… Is that a violation or if it’s a cookout and the parents are sitting out back but the children sitting on the front…is that a violation?! I know where I’ll be tonight?! I need answers

clint_trustmyself31 Kids shouldn’t be running the streets all times of the night … Point blank how can you be against protecting the children

davonjones906 Having a curfew in place won’t cure the city of its issues with the youth in Baltimore.. but it is a good start… back in the day you had to be in the house when the street lights came on… I have a 15 and 14 teen year old.. their curfew is 9pm on the weekend… however, to each his own..ijs

superwomanintraining26 Of course any time a new rule, or law is created, its going to result in confusion and rebellion. So in the beginning there’s going to be war, but over a short amount of time, as long as the city is CONSISTENT in its punishment, & parents & guardians are held more accountable for the children that THEY created, raised, & ultimately have control over, we’ll see some great improvement. Yall parents better bring back the belts!

piecesofme_  I think it’s a step in a good direction ! It’s too many kids dying , and disappearing . They have no respect for adults or authority . The fines are extreme though I would suggest weekend lock ups for the parents who voluntarily allow their children to break the law because they will definitely become our future criminals if they have no regard now! @drejohnson1

mrflan@drejohnson1 It’s a great step in the right direction! Change is never something people adjust to immediately, however if the parents cooperate with law enforcement, and are consistent, it can produce a beneficial outcome! TRUST THE PROCESS

flowsuniquely4u No it wont work its not the city thats the issue its starts at home. Too many parents want to still be young (which most are) so they are partying & living life & these kids are raising theirself. Is it needed yes to save our children cause they are a dying generation but if the city isnt going to enforce it then its pointless. People say it gives them another reason for the cops to bother the youth but as soon their young son or daughter dies its the laws fault for not protecting. The city needs to grow up, trust god & stop complaining either help the city ensure the safety of our kids or hush up keep doing what they think is best and watch the youth disappear.

ven_ey5 It’s no point to have a curfew! Waste of time. These kids are still going to do what they want.


Baltimore City Council Approves A Tough Curfew For Kids



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