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I got a call today from a concerned mother of the alleged Alexis Carter (16) or as Twitter folks call her…#PromBat (about the young lady who posted a picture of her prom outfit that favored her idol Rihanna). She was telling me how upset she and her daughter was about all the attention she was getting after posting the picture and after Rihanna posted a WU Tang sign next to her picture on Instagram.

When you follow the hashtag (#PromBat) on Twitter, you’ll see various opinions about who was right and wrong. Of course Rihanna’s Navy fans are furious about the girl who at first was claimed to have enjoyed the attention.

I’m stuck in the middle because when a mother tells me she’s upset for her daughter and fearful that her daughter may do something bad to herself, it becomes a matter that should not be ignored or laughed at.

Cyberbullying is a serious situation and it really needs to stop. Once you post something on social network, it’s floating in the atmosphere and no telling who will take it in a positive or negative way. You have to be careful.



From Rihanna IG Page

Rihanna reaction

Do you think Rihanna was wrong to post this comment? Is it the girl’s fault? Take the poll:


FoxNews is reporting:

Self-proclaimed “bad girl” Rihanna is living up to her nickname. 

The pop star managed to insult and upset one of her biggest fans, who was mercilessly mocked for modeling her prom outfit after one the singer wore. 

Alexis Carter, 16, said when she first saw Rihanna’s green, winged outfit she knew she had to have it. Rihanna debuted the original outfit at a 2010 awards show in Berlin. 




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