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woman jumpingHow happy were you to hear that today is the first day of Spring? I know it’s probably gonna snow next week, but the fact is….it’s the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!! Yooooo….hoooooo!!!

So, now that SPRING has SPRUNG…how do we get out of this old winter funk?

Take a Sunshine Vitamin

Can’t get your normal daily dose of sunshine, then take Vitamin D. In studies, taking 2,000 IU of Vitamin D everyday, helped people with SAD see improvements in their mood.



Being isolated can make you feel lonely and depressed. It may seem like a huge effort to get together with people, but do it, it will be good for you.

Move It, Move It, Move It

There’s a reason why doctors tell you to exercise—it can boost your feelings of well-being, help you stay positive, and even boost your drained energy by upping your brain’s feel-good chemicals.


Treat Yourself

A little indulgence will go a long way. Just don’t overdo it. If one of your goals was to lose weight you don’t want to blow it, but there’s not much a little chocolate wont fix.


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