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Everyone is running around with their Christmas lists, trying to get the best deals on this and that. Trying to make sure their families are well provided for on Christmas. We’re reminded as we drive into work who aren’t remembered during the holidays. Whether it’s the man at the intersection who holds up a sign that reads “Hungry and homeless. Please help” or the single mother who works part time but lives in a shelter becuase it’s not enough to pay rent. What about the family member who is suffering from bipolar schizophrenia? We put them up in a room and make them a plate to keep them settled.

Why do we ignore them? What can we do to help them celebrate the holidays?

Here are few ideas:

  1. Contact local homeless shelters, food banks and soup kitchens to find out what they need most.
  2. Help wrap gifts that have been donated to the shelter so residents can have the fun of unwrapping a holiday surprise.
  3. Help shelter residents get into the holiday spirit by providing a Christmas tree, menorah and other decorations to liven up the place.

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