Technology is a great thing, right? But, at what cost. Nowadays, we have smart cars, phones, appliances and even toys. When it comes to Smart Toys that are for your children, a company is warning that they could be spying on your children. A company called, Trouble In Toyland, is warning that if toys can […]

Kids at Dickey Hill Elementary/Middle school got a little holiday cheer yesterday courtesy of Brandon Stephens of The Baltimore Ravens and Safeway. Stephens stopped by and put smiles on the kids faces by giving them holiday gifts. Their families also was blessed this holiday season by receiving Safeway giftcards. Stephens shared with WBAL that, “I’m […]

In preparation for the celebration, CASSIUS, and Spirit.Ed has a collection of 12 cocktails that should put you on the nice (or naughty) list for sure.

Experts address the global supply chain, global warming, and shipping delays that threaten this year's holiday season. Details inside.

To some of us, the holidays are a special time to be around family and friends. But to some it’s a time of sadness. I suffer from depression and anxiety, so to me I think about my mom and dad not being around anymore. Thank God for my loving wife to help me through these […]

With holiday season being in full effect gifts are the main thing flowing around the Christmas tree. One of my friends have recently told me she purchased personal gift for her the father of her child. Now I know you’re saying JayCee that’s nice of her. No, it’s not because she’s in a whole different […]

The Radio One Baltimore family shares their favorite holiday memories with you. Tune in now. Merry Christmas! Christmas is literally around the corner. But like many, you may not have started your Christmas shopping (or just Christmas shopping for yourself). No worries – if you want to gift one of your favorite girlfriends with something special for this holiday season, then get into one of these 10 must have gifts for […]

Christmas is right around the corner, and you’re still wondering what in the world I can I get for the gamer and techie in my life? Well, don’t worry, we got a few last-minute suggestions for you. We get it, everyone doesn’t have all the free time in the world to shop for Christmas presents, […]

Whether your yearly bonus didn’t hit yet or you were waiting on that overtime to be approved you still have time to buy some quality items for men in your life. Lucky has you covered; as always. With only a couple of days away from the national holiday, millions of people are still getting […]

Friends, family, and co-workers, Tis the season for scammers and we want to make sure you are protecting yourself. The FCC collected of 1.4 million fraud reports in 2018 and that number looks to rise in 2020. To make sure you are protecting yourself this holiday season, we’ve set up a list of 5 ways […]